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Wayoutback Australian Safaris operate a range of buses (21-28 seat) and 4WD Toyota Landcruiser (7 seat), 4WD Mitsubishi Canters (14-16 seat) & 4WD Isuzu EcoV Trucks (21 seat). All of our vehicles have been modified or custom built to suit the harsh Australian outback conditions.

Not all vehicles are late model, some of our budget tours operate older model vehicles, all of which are compliant with NT and federal laws and requirements.

Please note: Some of these vehicles due to their age are not fitted with seat belts. All vehicles do however have forward facing seats, large windows to enjoy our wonderful landscapes and viewing wildlife, and microphones for commentary, and our "comfort" tours all utilise late model vehicles.

No Sparing the Horses on Maintenance

All Wayoutback vehicles have factory-fitted or aftermarket air-conditioners fitted, providing comfortable vehicle interior temperatures during our summer months. While every attempt and great expense goes into the purchase and maintenance of these air-conditioners, their guaranteed function cannot be given when temperatures reach the 40's. 

As an example, our most recent vehicle purchase was a brand new $180,000 purpose built Mitsubishi 4WD Canter complete with a $10,000 bus grade air-conditioner unit. On its maiden voyage the pipes leading from the motor to the unit cracked rendering the unit inoperable. It has since been modified with regular maintenance performed.

This is due simply to the long distances we travel and the rough terrain our vehicles are subjected to. The corrugations on unsealed outback roads are relentless and the vibrations from these corrugations can cause breakages beyond our control and can happen at any time.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

All our equipment is purchased with quality and durability in mind. Our swags for example are fitted with Dunlop high density foam mattresses. This mattress is the best and most comfortable money can buy. We have good quality sleeping bags rated to minus 5° for those cold desert nights; likewise, we have lightweight summer sleeping bags if required for our balmy summer evenings.

For Private Charters our swags are fitted with sheets, pillows and doonas (duvets or quilts) for your added comfort. Tents, eskys (Coolers), pots and pans, camp ovens, utensils and crockery are all chosen for presentation and serviceability. While we do venture into the outback, it doesn’t mean we have to totally rough it!

Your comfort and safety is important to your overall experience and enjoyment. If you are not happy, you will not recommend us to others. This is unacceptable to us.

Mitsubishi Canter and Isuzu 4wd trucks – ridge didge machines

Our 14 - 21 seat, 4 litre Intercooled Turbo Mitsubishi Canters and Isuzu trucks are purpose built with a pod that carries passengers in the back along with 2 passengers seated in the cab with the driver.

They are fully air conditioned with reclining seats, footrests, luggage storage area and kitchen space complete with a 100 litre fridge. They can carry 210 litres of fuel, 120 litres of water and come with window tinting, bull bars, spot lights and are built for the bush!

New Innovation to our Fleet Reducing GHG Emissions

In what is believed to be a Territory first, Wayoutback converted it's fleet of Canter Tour Trucks from pure diesel to a combined diesel/LPG system called eCo-shot. The system provides a more efficient burning of fuel, decreasing fuel consumption and reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Wayoutback expects a reduction in its GHG emissions of 25%-30% upon fine-tuning the technology. The benefits include a cleaner and leaner truck fleet and reductions in our operational Carbon Footprint and those of our customers, a huge win for the environment. 

Click to see our page on being Carbon Neutral for more information.