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Tasman Penninsula

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The Tasman Peninsula lies south and west of Forestier Peninsula, to which it connects via an isthmus called Eaglehawk Neck. This in turn is joined to the rest of Tasmania by an isthmus called East Bay Neck, near the town of Dunalley (about 60 kilometres by road from Hobart). Many smaller towns are also located on the Tasman Peninsula, the largest of which are Nubeena and Koonya. Smaller centres include Premaydena, Highcroft and Stormlea. The Conservation Park, located on the main highway at Taranna, is a popular local visitor attraction along with the Port Arthur Historic Site and a number of beaches.

The local government area is the Tasman Council and the major route to Hobart is the Arthur Highway. The population is around 2317 (estimate June 2006), which rises to around 8000 in summer months, mainly due to Port Arthur. The area of the peninsula and of the Local Government Area is 660 square kilometres, which amounts to a population density of 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometre.