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Jim Jim Falls

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Jim Jim Falls is a 215m high waterfall and is awesome after rain (when it can only be seen from the air), but its waters shrink to a trickle by about June. It is believed that 140 million years ago much of Kakadu was under a shallow sea. The prominent escarpment wall formed sea cliffs and the Arnhem Land plateau formed a flat land above the sea. Today the escarpment, which rises to 330m above the plains, extends over 500km along the eastern side of the Park and into Arnhem Land. It varies from vertical cliffs in the Jim Jim Falls area to stepped cliffs and isolated outliers in the north.

In the 'dry', when access is possible via a 60km dirt road (the last 11km are really suitable for 4WD only), the water dries up and the falls often don't fall. In the 'wet' when the falls are at their most spectacular, it is impossible to drive any vehicle into the area.